Char-Griller Smokin Pro – Assembly

Well yesterday was finally the day to put together the smoker, I got for Christmas!  Char-Griller Smokin Pro - Boxed UpThe weather was perfect outside and it seemed like a great idea to get outside and assemble the smoker out on the back patio.  It was a nice sunny day and the temperature was just right.  One of the perks to living in Florida during the winter time.

It wasn’t to difficult to assemble the grill it took me approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes.  The hardest part was probably putting on the Side Fire Box.  The directions call for you to get out the hammer and knock out a portion of the side of the grill.  That gave me some problems.  I was a bit affraid of damaging the grill.  Overall the directions were not extremely detailed and I would imagine if they were a bit more detailed I could of finished it a little bit quicker.

Take a look below at some of the pictures of the assembly of the Char-Griller Smokin Pro!!!

Update: check out the Smoked Baby Back Ribs recipe I did with the Smokin Pro!


Char-Griller Smokin Pro - Opened

Here is what the contents of the boxes looks like.  Both boxes are fairly heavy so get assistance when carrying them.


Char-Griller Smokin Pro - Structure together

Here it is with the basic structure put together.

Char-Griller Smokin Pro - Grill Assembled

Here is what the assembled grill part looks like.  You can purchase just the grill part and use as just a normal charcoal grill.  But we want to Smoke some ribs so next up is the Side Fire Box!

Char-Griller Smokin Pro - Side Fire Box

And here is what it looks like with the side fire box attached to the main grill.  Now we have a Smoker!!!

Char-Griller Smokin Pro - Finished Open

Here is what the finished smoker looks like with both hoods open.

Char-Griller Smokin Pro - Finished Closed

And here is what it looks like closed.  I must say it is a nice looking grill.  Now this weekend we will see how well it cooks.


 Update: check out the Smoked Baby Back Ribs recipe I did with the Smokin Pro!


 You can check out and buy the Char-Griller Smokin Pro at

Char-Griller Smokin’ Pro Charcoal Grill


  1. Chris
      June 5, 2011

    Looks quite a bit like my smoker, a Bar-B-Chef from Barbeques Galore. Excellent choice! I read your 2-1-1 method and am going to try it out today. Thanks!

  2. AJC
      June 9, 2011


    How did your ribs come out? I have had my grill for quite some time now and it has held up nicely. I did a couple of modifications to it to make it work a bit better. It holds the temperature better and circulates the air.


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