Do you get your Grocery Store Ads Online?

I know there are various ways that people can recieve their grocery store Ads, so this week I ask the question:Online Grocery Store Ads

How do you receive your grocery store Ads?

Do you get them in the Mail?

Do you get them in the Newspapper?

Do you have to go into the Store?

Or do you get them on the Internet?

Not until last year did I even realize that grocery stores put there Ads online.  This past year I have been looking up my grocery store ads on the Internet.  It is easy and I don’t have to get my hands all black from the newspaper Ads.  One of the local supermarket chains around us doesn’t distribute their Ads in the mail like two of the other local stores.  So I am forced to get my Publix grocery ad online.

Here is a list of some of the stores in my area that offer online Ads.



Winn Dixie

What stores in your area offer their weekly Ads online?

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