Kick Off Week!

OK last week I launched the website but this week I get it Kicked Off with some articles.  This week I will put up the first recipe article onto the site and also a product review.  Plus I plan on putting together my new smoker so I will show how that goes and hopefully this weekend I will be making my first meal with my new smoker!

Maybe I will have time to throw in a Super Bowl dip or two!

So stick around for Kick Off week!  Just in time for the Super Bowl!

Welcome to Average Joe Cooking!

Welcome to! This site has been created for all of those Average Joe’s and Jane’s out there that would like to learn to become a better cook.  I am one of those people.  I have some experience in the kitchen and on the grill but I would like to expand my knowledge of the cooking world.  Through my experiences of trying new recipes and reviewing various cooking products, I hope that everyone who comes to the site will learn something new or maybe pick up a tip or two that will add to your own cooking skills. Each week I will try a new recipe and write about my experiences with making that recipe.  My content will include how I approached certain parts of the recipe, how it all came out, and what I would do differently next time.  I also would like to break down each recipe into step by step parts to make it really simple for those that aren’t quite cooking veterans.  I will try to further illustrate each breakdown through pictures.  Furthermore, I would like to explore various forms of cooking.  From grilling, to smoking (I got a smoker for Christmas :), thanks honey), to cooking in the oven, and on the stove top. Please keep checking back with for more content! Thanks so much for visiting my site! Joe