Spring Cleaning Time!!!

Today is the first day of Spring.  So we all know what that means.  Time to do some spring cleaning.  This past weekend I decided to get a jump start and Spring Cleaning - Spicescleaned out the kitchen cabinets in our house.  My main goal was to relocate the all of our spices to another cabinet that was more on eye level.  Before I had them above the oven which was a bit high even for me.  So take a look at my picture.  I now have all of my spices organized and it is easier to find what I am looking for now.  I also went through all of the rest of our cabinets and re-organized all of our food and went through and threw out some of the food that had expired.  So take this next weekend and clean out your kitchen cabinets and throw out any old food.  Organize them and the next time you cook your life will be that much easier.

Happy Spring!

Happy Easter!


Happy March Madness!

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